Planned Giving Through the Haas Society

It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than it is to earn it in the first place.

The Haas Society is named for the late Frederick J. Haas ’21 to honor his example of stewardship and generosity, and farsightedness and faith in Prep’s future. Upon his passing, his generous bequest provided the impetus for building Prep’s humanities building, and enabled the school to increase its endowment.

Thank you to those listed below who have similarly shown their faith in the ideals of Georgetown Prep and have already made this significant commitment to ensure our future.



Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dino Aboo '63 *

Ms. Anne E. Barber *

Mr. Joseph P. Blocher *

Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Boyd '28 *

Dr. Godfrey E. Briefs '36 *

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett C. Butler '80

Mrs. Fernando Cabezas

Mr. Daniel J. Callahan III '50 *

Mr. Daniel J. Carrigan '67

Dr. Hugh M. Collins '62

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Collins *

Mr. John J. Coyle '75

Mr. Edmund B. Cronin, Jr. '55

Mr. Brian T. Cunningham & Mrs. Theresa
Hilliard Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Ovide E. de St. Aubin '51

Mr. Thomas J. Fannon '48 *

Mr. James G. Fegan, Sr. and Mrs. Fegan *

Hon. Edward Fenlon *

Mr. James K. Figge '58

Mr. John K. Figge '55 * and Mrs. Figge

Mr. Richard J. Gannon '74

Mr. Paul G. Haaga, Jr. '66

Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Hanley *

Ms. Evelyn Louise Hannon *

Mr. John Bay Jacobs '58 *

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Keppel '58

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kidd

Dr. Peter Oscar Kwiterovich, Jr. '58 *

Rev. Paul Terrence Lamb '55

Mr. Bernard J. Long, Jr. '58

Dr. Michael P. Mehr '51

Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Montgomery

Mr. Kevin S. Nolan *

Mr. Philip L. O'Donoghue '68

Mr. John Eris Powell '28 * and Mrs. Margaret Abell Powell *

Mr. Michael C. Ridgway '77

Mr. Richard C. Ridgway *

Mr. John Mosby Russell, Jr. '46

Mr. and Mrs. Clare H. Timberlake *

Mr. James C. Toomey '35 *

Mrs. Mary Ann Warrell

Mr. William J. Williams '33 *

Mr. Francis E. Yeatman '55

* deceased