Participation Matters

Prep was a very positive and formative experience for me. I have nothing but the utmost pride in my alma mater.

Why Does Alumni and Parent Giving Matter?

Alumni and Parent participation are key statistics that major donors and foundations look at when considering investing in Prep, as well as something that independent reviewers analyze when ranking schools. When alumni and parents give back it demonstrates to the outside world that our graduates and current families value the education and experience at Prep. Each gift is an endorsement for Prep and has a much broader impact than its financial support alone.

How does Prep Alumni Participation Measure Up?

The Board asked that very question in 2015 and at that time unfortunately Prep didn't look good in this area. Since then, alumni have heard the call and are responding. For the 2014-2015 Annual Fund we were at 20% Alumni participation and climbed to 27% during the 2015-16 Annual Fund. This past year we held our 30 Days to 30% campaign in June and we far surpassed the goal and hit 40% alumni participation. Although this is a vast improvement, we are still just behind the leading area peer schools that reach 50% alumni giving. This is why each alumnus gift is so important as we strive to move the chains for Prep.

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