A Jesuit Day and Boarding School For Young Men Outside Washington, D.C.

Student Publications

Students have the opportunity to hone their writing, editing, and creative skills while being a member of The Little Hoya, The Blue & Gray or The Cupola.


The Little Hoya

The Little Hoya is Prep's student newspaper that covers school news, athletics, and the arts, including stories of national interest. It is usually published six times a year. Students from all grades are encouraged to contribute articles.

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The Blue & Gray

The Blue & Gray is Prep's literary magazine. It is published annually and features poetry, short stories, drawings and other creative works from students.



The Cupola

The Cupola is the school's yearbook and is an annual snapshot of what life is like at Georgetown Prep.  Capturing the entire Prep community in print, this 300 page book is a published tome that combines the efforts of parents, students, faculty, and staff to create an annual time capsule that summarizes that year at school.