Counseling Services

Consistent with the Jesuit mission of cura personalis, Counseling Services supports the mental health needs, personal growth and development, and well-being of every Georgetown Prep student.  Through this department, a student may access professional threshold mental health support, crisis intervention, strategies for self-management, and guidance for all aspects of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).  When receiving services, a student should expect equitable and appropriate care and the respect due every unique individual.


Georgetown Prep Counseling Services adheres to the recommended practices and ethical standards of the American School Counselor Association and the certification guidelines set by the Maryland State Department of Education.


Available support: 

  • One-to-one, solutions-focused, short term counseling
  • Crisis intervention for an acute mental health challenge
  • Referrals to outside providers  
  • Advocacy for all students 
  • Grief counseling 
  • Trauma-informed care and response, when needed
  • Consultation with parents for strategies to support student success and well-being
  • Collaboration with teachers/coaches/administrators for student learning and growth
  • Accommodations support for classroom learning and standardized testing 



Preserving confidentiality is an essential part of the trust relationship between student and school counselor.  Confidentiality is maintained except (1) if the student is a danger to himself or others (2) if the student is at risk of personal harm from abuse or neglect (3) if required by court order. 

At any time, students are welcomed to visit the Counseling Services office located on the Third Floor of the George Center above the lobby facing the quad.  Students may use their lunch period, free period, or meet with the counselor before or after school. 

To make an appointment, please contact Karen Napolitano, Director of Counseling Services or call 301-214-8625.

Emergency and After-hours Counseling Resources


Information regarding accommodations from College Board and ACT


Resources for an ADHD diagnosis