The Mary Elise Gribbin Scholarship Fund

2022 Georgetown Prep Spring Gala

"Raise the Paddle"

The Mary Elise Gribbin
Scholarship Fund

This year we hit a record at our Gala for raising the paddle in support of our financial aid program, with our generous Gala guests collectively giving over $280,000. We were delighted to host alumnus Tyler Daley, Class of 2013, who eloquently spoke about his experience as a beneficiary of financial assistance and the impact of his Prep education.
Additionally, this year the raise the paddle honored Mrs. Mary Elise Gribbin, beloved Latin teacher, mentor, and friend to many, who is retiring this academic year after 28 years of service to Georgetown Prep. The Mary Elise Gribbin Scholarship Fund will help support students whose families could never dream of giving their sons a Prep education. Please join me in honoring one of Prep’s icons, Mrs. Mary Elise Gribbin, and take a few moments to hear from Prep faculty, students, and administrators in this tribute video.
If you would like to make a contribution to this Scholarship Fund, please find the form below. 
Please note that The PREP Fund remains the priority of our annual giving program. Similar to all independent schools, Georgetown Prep relies upon the generosity of our community to sustain and advance the School's mission. A steady growth of The PREP Fund allows the School to sustain its strong programs, excellent faculty and staff, and campus growth.
If you have not made your gift to The PREP Fund for this academic year, you may do so by June 30, 2022. You may make a gift to The PREP Fund in honor of Mary Elise Gribbin.
Thank you.



Saturday, May 7, 2022 6:00 p.m. 
Hanley Center Field House 


Gala Chairs

Renee & Carlos Molina ’82
(Robert ’15, Anthony ’23)

Christy & Mike Prame
(TJ ’21, Matt ’21, Bobby ’23)

Margaret & Mike Yavinsky
(Colin ’22, Thomas ’24)


Cocktails and Silent Auction;
Master of Ceremonies for the Evening, Johnny Holliday,
Dinner & Live Auction,
Dancing to Bryen O'Boyle and his band


Our theme, A Sky Full of Stars, was chosen this year to acknowledge and celebrate our stellar community: students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and families.  Every star shines brighter as part of, and as touched by, this community and every star, in turn, lights the path for the others on their journeys at Prep and in the years to follow.  We invite all of our parents to be a part of this celebration by attending and considering an auction donation.


Special Thanks
to Our Generous Sponsors

Premiere Sponsor

Michael Bidwill ‘83

North Star

Manhattan Construction
Mike and Christy Prame
Frank ’50 and Patricia Saul
Michael ‘92 and Brooke Stanton 
Hassan and Lisa Tetteh, Tetteh Consulting Group
Michael and Margaret Yavinsky


Big Dipper

Matthew Short and Deanna DeRusso -Short
Billy and Jennifer Peel, Datawatch and Admiral Security
Lemek LLC d/b/a Panera Bread
Patrick and Annie Pacious
Tom and Gretchen Boyland, Silent Solutions



Wes and Jennifer Albrecht, Federal Parking, Inc.
The Castle Families
Dan ’89, Pat ’94, Chase ‘13
Castle Sprinkler & Alarm
Reza Golesorkhi, Joseph Greenwald & Laake, P.A.
Carlos ’82 and Renee Molina
Christopher and Lisa Smith, Smith Allergy and Asthma Specialists
Rob and Kathryn Stewart

Shooting Star

Jack and Gretchen Alexander, AMR Commercial, LLC
Anthony and Donna Aquino
Jason Bakelar and Leila Mamedova
Mike ’86 and Sonia Barros
Alex ‘92 and Erin Bryer, Snowden Lane Partners
Mike and Nancy Costello
Cox Graae + Spack Architects
Dan and Rebecca Crowe
Marco Cusani-Visconti and Tonya Esposito
Justin ’92 and Nimet DuFour
Martin and Alona Fayer
Zachary ’93 and Abby Huke
Scott and Gayla Keller
Gary Goodweather and Meredith Margolis
John and Ann McAllister
Howard and Stephanie Heiss
Bruce and Frazier Schulman
Phil and Teri Stasko
Christian ‘93 and Ashley Woodward




Allen and Mona Absalon
George and Rosina Aguiar
Frank and Michelle Anstett
Paul Bannen and Carolyn Morales
Mark Beariault and Maria Veniard
Sig and Suzanne Behrens, Smart Detailing
Chris and Maria Bowers 
Sean and Heather Boyle
Tony and Kathleen Bruno 
Bryan ‘86 and Susan Brewer
Dave ’87 and Tina Burns 
Peter Condron and Rhonda Neil
Todd Daubert and Lourdes Galan Daubert
Thomas DeLeire and Jennifer Eagleton
Patrick and Karen Donahue
Cliff and Anne Elmore
Brad and Debbie Engel
Charles Fendig ’82 and Maria Fisher
Brian Geoghegan and Kathleen Morgan
Mike and Ally Gozycki
Leo and Michelle Gutierrez
Dan and Bridget Healy
Ted and Patsy Hefright
Chris and Ingrid Henick
Ray and Robin Hoeymans
Jim and Lisa Hunt
Todd and Shana Jacobus
Kevin and Kelly Jana
John and Brooke Keenan 
Melissa Lee
Andrew and Kristin Lesher
Thomas and Maria Long
Stephen ’92 and Jennifer Mahoney
Doug and AK Matheson
Paul Beilke & Molly McCarthy
Peter and Amy McGuire
Tom and Jeanette McHale 
Paul Bannen and Carolyn Morales
Colin Murphy and Julia Glidden
Bob and Daphne Murphy
Gary Murray and Sung Sug Yoon
Dan ’92 and Chais Ondeck 
James and Catherine Ronis
Rob ’88 and Rebecca Shaffer 
Brian and Sukhwant Shimkaveg
Mike and Donna Snyder
Todd and Benita Stokes
John and Rosanne Strittmatter
Paul Sutherland and Stephanie Tomasso
Nicholas Triandafilou and Nancy Palermo
Alejandro Villegas and Ines Vega
Dean and Sarah Walter
Matthew and Melody Wolins



Cathi Breza
Celeste Hedequist
Jeff and Lisa Gottshall
Mario Ortega​​​​​​ '85
Chris Rhodes, Roads to Home, LLC
Tom and Carol Seitz


Special Thanks to Our Volunteers

Committee Leads

Michele Anderson
Greer Bautz
Carolann Bellaman
Erin Bryer
Tina Burns
Kathleen Callahan
Nancy Costello
Bridget Healy
Michelle Kim
Jeanette McHale
Suzette O'Connor
Michelle Oeltmann
Kim Purring
Todd Purring
Elizabeth Rembold
Cecilia Shannon
Julie Teahan


Committee Volunteers

Rosina Aguiar
Suzanne Behrens
Ally Bloom
Sherrine Boseman Rives
Maria Long
Jennifer Leusch
Maria Bowers
Susan Brewer
Gretchen Bukowski
Rhonda Condron
Karin Donahue
Nimi DuFour
Alona Fayer
Lisa Frazier
Ingrid Froehner
Lourdes Galan Daubert
Paul Garrett
Leila Golesorkhi
Sarah Hahn
Ted Hefright
Abby Huke
Libby Jarvis
Mercedes Kavanagh
Elise Keegan
Kelly Kelley
Teena Lavu
Stacy Marcado
Kelly Matthews
Angie McCleary
Kelly McMahon
Chais Ondeck
Laura Plank
Ann Raffo
Tracie Rolle
Frazier Schulman
Sukhwant Shimkaveg
Donna Snyder
Jen Sullivan
Mary Thomson
Ann Turgeon
Maria Welsh
Gina Whitney