The Examen

Each Wednesday afternoon, the entire campus at Georgetown Prep pauses to pray an Ignatian Examen. The practice of the Examen attunes our consciousness to the spontaneous action of the Spirit in everyday life, helping us to discern and find God in all things. We invite you to pray the Examen with the whole Prep community. The prayer unfolds in five steps:


Begin by placing yourself in a disposition of gratitude to God for all creation.


Ask for the grace you most want to receive from this time of prayer.


Look back, notice, and discern moments of light and moments of darkness in your day or week.


Receive God’s mercy knowing that in doing so you become more merciful.


Commit to loving action that will bring you and your community closer to God.

Praying the Examen at Prep

To learn more about praying the Examen at Georgetown Prep, view the short video below.

Guided Examen

View the short video below for a guided Ignatian Examen prayer.