A Jesuit Day and Boarding School For Young Men Outside Washington, D.C.

Service Program

Service is at the core of a Jesuit education. It has been a long tradition at Georgetown Prep for students to reach out to those who are experiencing economic poverty or who are otherwise disadvantaged or marginalized. The goal is for students at Prep to see the world beyond themselves, and work to erase those lines that keep people on the margins of society. Through these experiences, Prep students become “Men for and with Others.”

Freshman Service: 

The freshman service program is designed to put St. Ignatius’ Prayer for Generosity into action. All freshmen take part in a day of service where they work with Special Olympic athletes. In addition, one Saturday or Sunday during the year, each freshman will go with a small group of his classmates to KEEN, SHARE, the Father McKenna Center, or the Aged Woman’s Home to volunteer.

Sophomore and Junior Service: 

All sophomores and juniors complete a minimum of twenty hours of community service with a program of their choosing, provided that the program provides direct contact with those on the margins of society. In addition, all sophomores take part in a day of service where they work with Special Olympics athletes.

Senior Service:

Seniors are required to complete a minimum of fifty
hours of service during the summer prior to their senior year. The goal is to immerse themselves and be in solidarity with those they serve. This service assists in forming their outlook on the world in which they live and their fellow man. During their senior year, Prep students will stay connected with and advocate for the people they served. Rising seniors may elect to complete their summer service by participating in one of Prep’s immersion trips.