Retreat Program

They get you to open up, to look inside yourself, to really think about how you connect to nature and to God. You learn more about yourself, but also about your classmates; you connect with them on a different level. - Travis Valmon ’15

Freshman Year: "Finding God In All Things"

On this one-day retreat, students experience liturgy celebrated away from campus as they hike the Appalachian Trail. Through this liturgical procession, students are called to examine the ways in which they have found God in the world around them during their first year at Prep.

Sophomore Year: "The Challenge of Love in Action"

The goal of this overnight retreat is to lead the sophomores to reflect upon their upcoming role as upperclassmen. Students examine Christian leadership and community through a night of peer-led activities and talks followed by a day at a ropes challenge course.

Junior Year: "Putting Love into Action"

The four-day junior retreat, Kairos, encourages the student to examine his life through the relationships he has experienced. The retreat challenges the student to deeper self-examination than previous retreats. Many students long remember Kairos as the highlight of their Prep experience.

Senior Year: "Discernment for A.M.D.G. (Ad Maiorem Dei Gloiram - For the Greater Glory of God)"

Through the three-day Senior retreat and Ignatian seminar, the senior will learn to discern the action of the Spirit in his life guiding him toward vocation.

Ignatian Seminar

For seniors who exhibit interest and facility with discernment, an advanced course in Ignatian Spirituality is available. Over a semester, students work closely with a spiritual director in performing part of the 19th annotation of The Spiritual Exercises. The extent to which the retreat is finished depends upon the individual student's openness to the work of the Spirit.