Immersion Program


What is the Immersion Program?

  • solidarity with the poor and marginalized
  • an understanding of self that includes the other
  • grounded in “a faith that does justice"
  • living simply
  • a radical view of the gospel message of love through action
  • an experience of being a man for and with others
  • available to rising seniors


Georgetown Prep Virtual Immersion Program


  • Students should plan to meet twice a day for the week for a total of three hours per day.

  • Students will need to be flexible, as the schedule may change daily because of the availability of speakers in a different time zone.

  • There will be a small service component to be completed either during the week or in the weeks following it.

  • A fee of $100 will be charged per student to cover speaker and program fees.


Application procedure:

  • Completed applications are due on Monday, April 26.

  • Applications will be processed and applicants will be notified by Monday, May 3.  

  • The application is made to the program not to a particular trip.  Applicants are asked to indicate at least five options.


Virtual Immersion options: