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Immersion Program


What is the Immersion Program?

  • solidarity with the poor and marginalized
  • an understanding of self that includes the other
  • grounded in “a faith that does justice"
  • living simply
  • a radical view of the gospel message of love through action
  • an experience of being a man for and with others
  • available to rising seniors


Application procedure:

  • Completed applications are due on Monday, January 27.  Applications received by the due date will receive priority.
  • Applications will be processed and applicants will be notified in February. 
  • Criteria for acceptance: There are usually more qualified applicants than spaces available. We will look to accept individuals who demonstrate the following characteristics, among others:
    • Open to Growth
    • Committed to Doing Justice
    • Loving
    • Religious
    • Intellectually Competent
  • The application is made to the Immersion Program and not to a particular trip.  Applicants are asked to indicate at least three options.  Each trip has limited spaces, and flexibility ensures that we are able to serve in each of the areas below.


2020 Immersion Trips