Apostles on a Mission

Once per month in our year of Apostles on a Mission, we will gather in the Chapel to hear a different community member speak.  Each convocation will last about five minutes and is addressed as a letter to St Ignatius.  Each of these convocations will reflect on two questions:

  1. What does it mean to be an apostle?

  2. What does it mean for Georgetown Preparatory School to be an apostolic work of the Society of Jesus?

Certainly, for St Ignatius, being an apostle meant being a friend of Jesus, and developing a contemplative relationship with Jesus that inspires one to greater service of God and others.  By developing a true friendship with Jesus through prayer, Ignatius believed we could more clearly discern God’s presence and call in our lives, allowing us to respond more effectively and generously with magnanimous hearts.

And in addition, the Society of Jesus has discerned 4 areas in our world today where each Jesuit school and ministry is called to be an apostle, to be a friend of Jesus.

  1. As our world faces an ecological crisis, we are called to care for creation and the earth

  2. Meeting the needs of those on the margins of society, we are called to be in solidarity with the poor and voiceless among us

  3. In our skeptical world, we are called to walk with youth toward building a hope filled future, and

  4. We are called to lead others to God through Ignatian prayer and discernment

Our Apostles on a Mission convocations will seek to relate to these 4 areas to our life and work at Georgetown Prep.