A Note from Bear Altemus '13

Dear Georgetown Prep Alumni,

I write to you today to share information about a unique opportunity for Prep alumni to re-engage with the Georgetown Prep community as both a student and a faculty member.

Three years ago, the Alumni Service Corps was started with the intention of getting more young alumni involved in the lives of current Prep students. The idea shared by the administration that established the program: to most positively affect our students, we need to understand perspective. In addition to Sean Gaiser '98, Pat Butcher '03, and Kevin Dorn '08, alumni-turned teachers, and Billy Falatko ’09, Assistant Dean of Students and lacrosse coach, the Alumni Service Corps plays a critical role in providing even more recent graduate perspective to teachers and administrators.

Members of the Alumni Service Corps have the opportunity to hold a wide variety of roles on campus. All ASC members serve as dorm parent and retreat leader. The experience is individualized by serving in other roles on campus that are of particular interest to each member and of need at the school. Areas of interest and need may reside in but are not limited to academics, athletics, theater, and media production.

Over the last three years, Georgetown Prep graduates ranging from the classes of 2010 to 2014, in various stages of life, have utilized this opportunity to serve the Georgetown Prep community while furthering their future plans with various combinations of goals in mind. Here are a few:

  1. Consider future opportunities, including education in addition to other traditional and non-traditional career tracks.

It is not uncommon for college graduates to be unsure of the future. Bringing post-Prep experience back to the community formed around Jesuit principles of self-examination and discernment can provide a unique environment to establish and solidify personal values and make connections with like-minded individuals in the opportunity-rich Prep community both on and off campus.

  1. Gain professional experience while working toward a degree in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia area.

For graduates who are in the process of completing a degree program with an interest in gaining professional experience sooner than later, the Alumni Service Corps offers a way to gain that experience while lifting the financial demands of room and board.

  1. Apply to graduate school.

For graduates who intend to enter a full-time graduate school program in the near future, the Alumni Service Corps lifts the financial burden of living expenses and provides an environment well-suited for acquisition of preliminary experience in a particular field as well as the application process. Students learn best through adults who take a particular interest in them and in a certain subject or activity. In addition, Faculty members on campus provide a great resource for application essay review.

  1. Reconnect with their roots and give back to the community that nurtured their growth.

It is no question that appreciation for the Prep experience has enticed graduates to join the ASC, but all members bring their own distinct experience and future plans with them.

If you or an alum you know are able connect with any of the purposes mentioned above or the ASC profiles below, the Alumni Service Corps may be the right opportunity for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly to learn more about whether your interests may be suited for this position.


Bear Altemus '13



Alumni Service Corps Profiles







Rob Tatum '10



Rob entered the Alumni Service Corps after completing a post-baccalaureate medical program. Rob spent the year polishing up his medical school applications while assisting in the Dean of Students office, coaching baseball, and even substitute teaching in the science department. Rob is currently in his second year of Medical School at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.


Andrew Aitken '12


Andrew entered the Alumni Service Corps after completing his undergraduate degree at [the University of Maryland?]. During his year back on campus, Andrew completed his LSAT and applied to law school. He is now in his second year of law school at The Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington, VA.


Ryan Smith '12


Ryan joined the alumni service corps while continuing his undergraduate education. In addition to taking an active role as a retreat leader, Ryan took on a larger role in the resident life community. After spending the year in the Alumni Service Corps as a dorm administrator and coaching wrestling, Ryan joined the staff full time as the Assistant Dean of Residential Life. Ryan is in his second year as a full time staff member and continues to coach wrestling.




Bear Altemus '13


Bear entered the Alumni Service Corps following his graduation from Princeton University, where he took an interest in teaching, learning, and service-based careers. Working with the academic administration, Bear oversaw the first After School Academic Support Program with the goal of helping students establish productive habits around studying, self-advocacy, self-care, and learning mindsets. Bear is now in his first year as a full-time academic administrator at Prep. He also coaches lacrosse.


Alex Helal '13


Alex joined the Alumni Service Corps in fall 2017 during his last semester at the University of Maryland. With an interest in alleviating the cost of rent during his final semester in College Park, Alex served as a senior dorm parent and assistant retreat director. In the spring of 2018, Alex set his sights on graduate school. Alex has remained on staff as a dorm parent and soccer coach while applying to graduate programs in business and project management.




Vince Rubertone '13


Vince joined the Alumni Service Corps after graduating from Boston College. In his time on campus, Vince has assisted in Campus Ministry, helping to orchestrate and lead retreats. Additionally, he has assisted in teaching in the social studies department. His positive experiences thus far have encourage him to pursue teaching full-time next year.


Quinn Magner '14


Quinn entered the Alumni Service Corps while completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland. Taking a particular interest in the psychology around learning differences and deficits, Quinn oversees the after school academic support program each afternoon. Facilitating relationships between freshman at Prep and the seniors in the National Honors who serve as tutors, Quinn helps to ease the freshman transition while enhancing the cohesiveness of the community, all while applying his experiences to his coursework.

Interested applicants should contact John Krambuhl, Director of Mission and Ministry, at jkrambuhl@gprep.org.