Alumni Service Corps

The Alumni Service Corps is a ten-month program (August to June) for young Georgetown Prep graduates who are dedicated to service and community life. Participants work on campus and live in the residential dorms. In addition to housing, Georgetown Prep provides meals, medical insurance, and a modest salary.

ASC members work in a variety of roles at Prep, in the classroom, in Campus Ministry, in Residential life, in athletics, in extracurriculars, etc. Work assignment depending on an individual’s degree work and experience and Prep’s needs. Their work is complemented by a community and spiritual life program called Magis.

Bear Altemus

Bear Altemus '13

What drew you to this unique opportunity at Prep?

Growing up, I always thought that I might like to teach and coach. As I got older, other career paths as well as further education in graduate school also drew my interest. The opportunity to come back to Prep for a year provides both an opportunity to teach and coach while spending some time looking for other jobs and preparing for graduate school.

What are you hoping to get out of this 10-month service experience?

The next 10 months will be a time of discernment for me. Though I did not necessarily realize it at the time, the Jesuit education that my teachers at Prep provided me played a big role in the person I would be and the values that I would hold 5 years after I left. While on campus, I hope to reconnect with old teachers, develop relationships with new ones, and make an impact on guys who are students.

How did your retreat and service experiences at Prep help guide you to join ASC?

At Prep, I learned to reflect on daily life during service experiences and, particularly, on the Kairos retreat junior year. In college, I used this practice to become more mindful. Realizing that my athletic career would end abruptly upon graduation, I wanted to take some time to explore my hobbies and interest, which will always include athletics, and reflect how to best leverage them in my career choices. Spending time working with Prep students in the Counseling Center, leading and participating on retreats with Campus Ministry, and coaching Prep’s athletes this year will allow me to do just that. In a way, my new role in the Alumni Service Corps has brought everything full circle.

Alex Helal
Alex Helal '13

What drew you to this unique opportunity at Prep?

I ultimately wanted to give back to the Prep community which has done so much for me and my fellow students. The chance to work closely with the Jesuits and the Prep staff is an opportunity that I feel will help me grow as a person. I also wanted to help the current Prep students get the most out of their experience. I know how hard life can be during these four years and being able to enhance the experience and make the most out of it is important.

What are you hoping to get out of this 10-month service experience?

I hope to reinforce my relationship with God and grow as a person during this experience. I believe helping the students at Prep will also help me learn and expose me to new experiences that I can benefit from. I also hope to reconnect with the Prep faculty and rekindle those relationships moving forward in life as I prep for Grad School and the workforce.

How did your retreat and service experiences at Prep help guide you to join ASC?

Kairos is a huge part of understanding what makes Prep special. It helped me realize down the road of the blessed opportunity I had to attend the school, and it makes me want to give back in any way that I can. The community service that I did at Prep was fulfilling and taught me the importance of being a man for others. It drove me to join ASC so that I can help the community grow and flourish.

Applying to the Alumni Service Corps

1. Complete the application form.

2. Submit a resume and provide the names of at least three references.

3. Submit a letter expressing your interest, and a personal statement addressing the following topics:

  • What you would bring to the program;
  • What you hope to gain by being a part of it; and
  • Your experience and understanding of service.

4. Applicants may be invited to campus for an interview at a mutually agreed upon time. For more information about the Alumni Service Corps or the application process, please contact John Krambuhl, Director of Mission and Ministry, at 301-214-1275, or