Alumni Service Corps

The Alumni Service Corps is a ten-month program (August to June) for young Georgetown Prep graduates who are dedicated to service and community life. Participants work on campus and live in the residential dorms. In addition to housing, Georgetown Prep provides meals, medical insurance, and a modest salary.

ASC members work in a variety of roles at Prep, in the classroom, in Campus Ministry, in Residential life, in athletics, in extracurriculars, etc. Work assignment depending on an individual’s degree work and experience and Prep’s needs. Their work is complemented by a community and spiritual life program called Magis.

Bear Altemus '13 recently wrote about his experience as an Alumni Service Corps member. Read his reflection.

"My four years at Prep were truly some of the best of my life. The ASC has allowed me to come back and relive all of those joys from a totally different perspective. I have had the opportunity to develop personal relationships with both the students and teachers, many of whom I had when I was a student. My experience living at Prep has surpassed any expectations I had about it going into the year and I am forever grateful for the awesome Res Life team! This year in the ASC has allowed me to explore my interests further and has given me a better understanding of what I want to do when my time here is done!" - Quinn '14