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Immersion Program

Faith In Action

Prep's immersion program offers rising seniors the opportunity to grow in: 

  • Solidarity with the poor and marginalized
  • An understanding of themselves that includes the other
  • Become grounded in “A faith that does justice"
  • A radical view of the gospel message of love through action
  • An experience of being a man for and with others
I had the opportunity to help the small town of Ivanhoe, VA during the Summer Immersion Program. The experience was unforgettable and I will always remember the conversations I had with the locals who were in dire need of someone to talk to and help them. Serving this community taught me to always be open to engaging with people.
Iggy Wozniak '23



Spending a week in El Paso near the US-Mexico border and hearing so many disheartening yet inspirational accounts of asylum seekers and activists led me well beyond the stirring news headlines and cold statistics and graphs. The Encuentro Project helped me understand the harsh circumstances faced by forcibly displaced people, as well as recognize that behind the headlines and numbers are real people who are champions for themselves and their families.

Daniel Xu '23

Immersion Program Options - Summer 2023

Immersion Program