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Immersion Program

During the Appalachian Community of Ivanhoe service trip I discovered how a true community comes together to help one another and continue relationships. I never realized how much our assistance meant to the people of Ivanhoe, and the extent to which we impacted the community was extraordinary. This was an experience I will certainly never forget.Nick Bruno ‘24

Faith In Action

Prep's immersion program offers rising seniors the opportunity to grow in: 

  • Solidarity with the poor and marginalized
  • An understanding of themselves that includes the other
  • Become grounded in “A faith that does justice"
  • A radical view of the gospel message of love through action
  • An experience of being men for and with others
Ivanhoe service trip
Pine Ridge

While in Elpaso, TX, I learned the different ways one can immigrate and the surprising amount of time that it takes. We served meals to the immigrants and had the time to play with the children. It was very nice to share something like a game of basketball or baseball that brings joy to everyone playing and transcends language barriers.

Ray Huke '24

Immersion trip to Pine Ridge

Immersion Program Options - Summer 2024

Immersion trip