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Residential Program

Residence Hall

Being away from home and family is stressful, but I have people I can rely on in the resident community. I remember dragging my suitcase into Boland freshman year, feeling nervous, not knowing anyone. My dorm parents welcomed me as if I had been here my entire life and made me feel I belonged. To have a community that I call "my second home" is why I love the Prep residential community.Masa Enomoto ‘22

Benefits of a Boarding School

Georgetown Prep is a global community. Our students hail from around the world and around the corner. This geographic diversity gives students at our school the opportunity to learn about the world from each other. Boarders open their rooms to their day student friends after school or before the huge lacrosse game against Landon. Day students open their homes to their boarder friends on weekends or for a family dinner. Students at Prep have the best of both worlds!

In addition, boarding life encourages students to develop essential life skills such as independence, effective communication, self-advocacy, and group interaction prior to enrolling in college.


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Residence Hall

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Hanging out in a dorm room

Hoe Harkins

Welcome from the Dean of Residential Life

As the only Jesuit boarding school in the United States, we take our commitment to cura personalis - personalized care and concern for each individual - very seriously. The trust placed in us by the parents who ask us to care for their sons, is a responsibility which we do not take lightly.

Our Dorm Parent team is made up of 29 adults, including 15 teachers, 13 coaches, 8 alumni, 2 college counselors, a mental health nurse, and members of our Alumni Service Corps. Comprising 20% of the school’s population and made up of 120 residents from 6 continents, 18 countries, and 14 U.S. states, the Georgetown Prep Residential Program fosters a close-knit community where students receive supervision and guidance from a variety of different individuals and perspectives.

Whether helping a student to navigate the academic, emotional, spiritual, or social rigors of high school, our Dorm Parents strive to develop each young man’s full potential and character. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe, caring, fun environment while serving as positive role models and mentors. Living in community with the boys, and serving in roles such as academic advisors and extracurricular moderators, our diverse staff are able to provide the support necessary to allow the resident students to grow into true men for and with others.

In our community, students are able to live and work with their best friends, get a head start in preparing for college life, and learn firsthand about the world from people who have lived in virtually every corner of it. Upon becoming a part of our Residential Program, the boys who live here immediately become part of a global network that is unlike anything else in the world.

We want you to call Prep your home.

Hoya Saxa,

Joseph Harkins ’96
Dean of Residential Life

Prep has given me freedoms and opportunities I don’t think I could find anywhere else. This place has allowed me to explore all parts of my life and help me recognize who I am as a young man. My prep brothers here are like family and the community support is world class. Hoya saxa. Goap Kodi ‘23

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