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Parents Club Executive Committee

The Parents’ Club Executive Committee is composed of parent volunteers who lead the committee work. The Committee works in partnership with Mrs. Michele Strachan, Assistant to the President, who serves in an ex officio role on the Parents’ Club Executive Committee and provides a direct connection between the administration and its members. Below you will find the names of parents serving on the Committee for the 2023-24 school year.

Elizabeth Rembold P’24
Tim Oeltmann P'24,'23
Michele Strachan P’20
Brooks Kenny P’24
Father’s Club 
John McAllister P'24,'26
Paul Bowen P'25,'26
Mother’s Club 
Monique Fields P'26
Sarah Wickham P'26
Elena Lynett P'26
Marisa Luchsinger P'26
Parents’ Council of Washington 
Shana Jacobus P’25
Sarah Wickman P'26
Resident Liaison 
Alona Fayer P'25
Faculty & Administration Appreciation
Ann Turgeon P’24 
Abby Huke P’24

Ho Ho Hoya 
Traci Whittier P’18,’21,’24
Kate Mundy P’25

Class Parent Representatives

  • Class of 2024: Nancy Palermo and Margaret Yavinsky
  • Class of 2025: Maria Bowers and Melody Wolins
  • Class of 2026: Ande Tomasso and Hilary Bednarz
  • Class of 2027:  Lisa Manfreda and Celine Delany
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