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InterCultural Diversity

As a Jesuit school, Georgetown Prep is committed to building a multi-cultural community, where there is genuine respect and deep appreciation for the many cultures, faiths and traditions that our students identify with. Prep's unique boarding program provides students with an exceptional opportunity to live, learn, engage and form meaningful friendships with others from all around the country and world. In an increasingly global and interdependent world, the best equipped students understand and appreciate the world beyond their own home.


Prep's Intercultural Diversity program provides meaningful initiatives that foster a global perspective in each member of the community so that they are empowered to act with purpose and compassion across cultural boundaries. 


Our goal is to help students become informed citizens of the world and to make meaningful connections and relationships where diversity of cultures and traditions is embraced. 

Global Citizens 

This unique exposure gives our students a wider worldview by building cross-cultural understanding as we prepare them to become global citizens. This makes the Prep experience truly unique. 


Affinity Groups

Students posing for a picture in front of the school

Black Student Association

Clubs and Activities

United by our commitment to promoting the dignity of all students, Georgetown Prep offers a variety of extracurriculars that allow our students to actively gain a deeper understanding of diversity throughout our school community and greater society.

Collins Cup

Collins Cup

Students standing on stairs in front of a building
Los Chicos

Cultural Celebrations

Georgetown Prep celebrates a number of cultural events throughout the school year. This is an opportunity to educate, share and grow in our knowledge of and appreciation for others.

Students giving a presentation of Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year

Global Opportunities

"Traveling allows our students the opportunity experience things outside of their comfort zone and knowledge. They become acquainted with new language, new customs, and new people. They see a different way of living. The Italy trip was amazing because this country is so much older than the U.S. There is art everywhere and is embedded in the culture. Travel allows students to expand their experiences and to build confidence, knowing they can navigate different situations." - Robin Russel, Art Teacher and Dorm Parent

Global Scholars
Germany language immersion trip, Spring 2023
Dacque Tirado


Dacque Tirado
Director of InterCultural Diversity