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Georgetown Prep’s reputation for excellence is founded on two critical pillars: our Ignatian values and the impressive academic experience we offer.

Forces at work in our world threaten both, however. Our world does not necessarily see the value of values in education, and the spirituality and service programs, coupled with the work we do to help our students understand more deeply the material we offer in the classroom, need the investment of time, talent, and treasure. Our academic programs demand great teachers, and we have to offer them decent compensation to provide the best for our students and their

in a world of rising costs. But all of this threatens to push our tuition, which only covers two-thirds of the cost of our programing, out of reach even for middle class families. Our residential program which serves students from across the nation and the world and which makes Prep unique among Jesuit schools, needs adequate facilities both for our boarding students and for the faculty and staff who care for them. Our science facilities which have served Prep students since the 1960s, need updating as we labor to compete in today’s innovation-driven world. Without taking strides to support the long-term needs of our facilities, our academic offerings, and the retreat and reflection programs that are the hallmark of a Jesuit education, we will fall behind other schools and far short of our values. 

In short, we need you. We need your support. We need your help. Your investment in this campaign will allow us not merely to continue the great educational and formation programs you or your son experienced as a young man; it will help us to continue the great legacy of forming men for and with others, men who will make a difference in a world that badly needs people who care, people who, in the words Ignatius wrote to his best friend Francis Xavier as he sent him on the Society of Jesus’s first mission, will “set the world on fire.” 

Thank you and God bless.




Rev. James R. Van Dyke, S.J.