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Our Residential Program – the original Georgetown Prep – has been the core of our diverse and culturally-rich community since 1789.

The Jesuits who built Boland Hall in 1917 on the “new campus,” and Gunlocke Hall in 1971, could not have imagined the realities of modern education and the needs of young men growing up literally a world away from their families. Nor would they have imagined that more than a century later we would still be dependent upon the aging infrastructure they installed in the early 20th century. Our 120 residents, and the 22 dorm parents who supervise and support them, need facilities that support our educational and formational aspirations for our students. And like the good and faithful steward, Prep needs to make sure that all the buildings on our magnificent campus are and remain sustainable.


Campus Renderings

New Campus Center, Residence Hall, and Athletics Facility

As the only Jesuit boarding school in the United States, Georgetown Prep offers a unique program for a multicultural, multiethnic, diverse socio-economic educational and formational community. Our Residential Program has been an integral part of Prep's identity and mission as a diverse, culturally rich Ignatian community since its inception in 1789.

New Campus Health Center

Our current nurses’ offices occupy approximately 500 square feet and are equipped with little more than a cot, an examination table, and storage cabinets. The first floor of the new facility will be home to a professionally-equipped Infirmary nearly three times that size and will include individual patient rooms, bathrooms, and beds, along with ample storage and office space.

The New Chapel Quadrangle

At one time, Boland Hall was home to the entire student body as well most of the faculty, and the center of academic and social life on campus. As the campus has developed westward over the past sixty years with the erection of MacKavanagh in the 1960s, Haas in the 1990s, and the creation of the George Center in the early 2000s, the Residential Program has been left on the periphery, a point which has been noted in both Middle States reviews and Jesuit Sponsorship reviews. The new Campus Center and Residence Hall will relocate the Residential Program back to the center of life at Prep, benefiting both our day students with a renewed connection to the richness of the Residential Program and our boarding community with the energy and enthusiasm of our day students.

The Family Kitchen and Living Room

The entire first floor of the New Campus Center and Residence Hall will be committed to our larger community. This will include an Assembly Hall, a vastly enlarged and professionalized Infirmary, and a “Family Kitchen and Living Room” where resident students will be able to host day school friends for both study and socialization; there is currently no space within our residences where day students and residents can socialize or study. The first floor will back on to the “Game Day Plaza” student section of the new Athletic Facilities.

The Assembly Hall

The new building will have an assembly hall on the first floor that will be able to seat the entire residential program or entire grades for meetings and assemblies. The Assembly Hall will be equipped to host lectures, movies, and arts presentations. 

Residential Lounge

Each residence floor will be dedicated to a grade level and will include a lounge and study spaces. Currently, the Residential Program has a total of 3,500 square feet of common space, most of which is in a basement lounge in Gunlocke Hall and is restricted to freshman residents; in the New Residence Hall, this will expand to 10,175 square feet. This will allow for greater socialization of residents within the Residential Program itself. In addition to seminar-style study rooms on the Junior and Senior Floors, plans call for the creation of a Junior Library as part of the Junior Lounge on the fourth floor.

Dorm Rooms

The new building will have 70 dorm rooms and 128 beds. A new feature in residential life will be the revived Senior Prefect Program - an opportunity for senior resident students to work with Dorm Parents to create an ethos for the Residential Program and provide peer leadership within the New Residence Hall. 

Faculty and Staff Apartments

One of the greatest features of the new Campus Center and Residence is the improvement of the faculty and staff apartments and accommodations. Currently, between Boland and Gunlocke Halls, there is about 4,500 square feet for the 22 members of our residential staff. The new building will increase that square footage to 14,940. This enhancement will allow us to develop and retain professionalized residential staff. The opportunity for faculty and staff to live on campus will benefit day students and residents alike; we have already seen that our residential faculty are more accessible to all our students for tutoring, coaching, and mentoring. 

The William V. Bidwill '49 Stadium at Historic Fegan-Galvin Field

The new state-of-the-art stadium, which will be outfitted for football, soccer, and lacrosse, will also include vastly improved fan seating, and press and coaches’ boxes. In addition to replacing aging and deteriorating bleachers with a masonry stadium, the new facilities will include team rooms and readily accessible restrooms.

The William V. Bidwill '49 Stadium at Historic Fegan-Galvin Field, from the Flanagan Terrace

The New Campus Center and Residence Hall will be directly adjacent to the William V. Bidwill ’49 Stadium at Historic Fegan-Galvin Field. Lowering the field four feet will allow for a better fan experience from the Hoya Café and Patio. The removal of the track to the renovated North Fields will allow for a more intimate and exciting experience for both athletes and fans alike.

The New Campus Center and Residence Hall from the Main Quad

The additional space in Boland and Gunlocke Halls will allow for the much-needed renovation of MacKavanagh Hall and the creation of science and arts spaces and other needed academic facilities.

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