Living at Georgetown Prep

You won't notice it at first, but the people around you will become your family until graduation and even beyond. For me, Prep has become my second home. - Richy '20

As the only Jesuit boarding school in the U.S., we take our commitment to cura personalis - personalized care and concern for the individual - very seriously.

Our staff includes a total of 20 residential staff members, including several teachers, coaches, a college counselor, lawyers, several classically trained musicians and entrepreneurs. Made up of nearly 115 residents, representing 16 different countries, our boarding program fosters a close-knit community where students receive supervision and guidance from a variety of different individuals and perspectives.

In such a small community, students get to live with their best friends, get a head start in preparing for college dorm life, and learn firsthand about the world from people who have lived in all different parts of it. The experience of boarding at Prep is truly unlike anything else.

Whether helping a student with his homework, counseling a boarder about a problem, taking the guys on a weekend excursion, or playing basketball in the gym, our dorm parents strive to develop each young man’s potential and character. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and fun environment while serving as positive role models and mentors. We want you to call Prep your home.

Hoya Saxa,

Joseph Harkins ’96
Dean of Residential Life