Wrestling - Varsity

Record: 2-2


Mateo Aguiar
Kobe Borda
Tristan Furnish
Kyonte' Hamilton
Declan Keating
John Keon
Enrique Matta
Grant Maynard
David Mitchell
Kevin Rejevich
Charles Triandafilou
Thomas Whittier
Ryan Yousefi
Sean Yousefi


All Day
Mount Madness
Mount St. Joseph
Kyonte Hamilton 3rd Place, Prep 26th out of 29 teams
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Rage in the Cage
Garnet Valley High School
Prep 9 WC Rustin 68, Prep 24 CB West 54, Prep 26 Interboro 48
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Landon , Pallotti, Woodberry
Prep 28 Landon 52, Prep 42 Pallotti 43, Prep 47 Woodberry Forest 46
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Panther Invitational
12th out of 22 teams. Kobe Borda 3rd place, Kyonte Hamilton 3rd
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Sharknado Duels
Prep 26 Curley 54, Prep 23 Mercersburg 57, Prep 40 wilson 39
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I.A.C. Championships
3rd Place Finish

Team placed 3rd

Mateo Aguiar 2nd
Thomas Whittier 1st. (3x IAC champ)
Kevin Rejevich 4th
Kobe Borda. 1st (3x IAC champ)
David Mitchell 4th
Declan Keating 4th
Sean Yousefi. 4th
Ryan Yousefi. 2nd
Kyonte Hamilton 1st
Alex Matta 3rd. ( All IAC at large)

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Melee on the Metro
Woodrow Wilson
7th out of 24 teams

Team place 7th out of 24

Individual placers:
Mateo Aguiar 6th
Thomas Whittier 2nd
Kobe Borda 2nd
Kyonte Hamilton 1st (195lb Champion)

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MIS State Championships
Hartford Community College
12th out of 32 Teams

Team results. 12th out of 32 teams

Thomas Whittier. 7th
Kobe Borda 6th
Kyonte Hamilton 2nd

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Coach Information

Head Coach: Joe Spelta

Phone: 301-214-8608

Email: jspelta@gprep.org