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Alumni Service Corps

The Yard
My time as part of the Alumni Service Corps was one of the best years of my life. I truly enjoyed my four years at Prep, so the ASC was an opportunity to come back and serve a community that had given me so much. I furthered existing relationships, developed new ones, and got to experience the school in a new way. Being part of the Residence Life team was an absolute blast! The ASC also allowed me to not only reflect, but also plan out the next steps in my career. I am extremely grateful for my ASC experience! Stephen Irving '15

The Alumni Service Corps (ASC) is a ten-month program (August to June) for young Georgetown Prep graduates who are dedicated to service and community life. Participants work on campus and live on campus. In addition to housing, Georgetown Prep provides meals, medical insurance, and a modest salary.

ASC members work in a variety of roles at Prep. Their work can be experienced through the classroom, Campus Ministry, Residential life, athletics, extracurriculars, and more. Work assignments are assigned depending on the school’s needs as well as the ASC member’s interests, fields of study, skill sets and experience. Their work is complemented by a community and spiritual life program called the Magis.

Interested applicants should fill out the online application below.

John Krambuhl
Director of Mission and Ministry


My time in the Alumni Service Corps allowed me to experience and contribute to the Prep community in a whole new way. Retreats and ministry programs at Prep shaped me in my Catholic faith when I was a student, and ASC allowed me to encourage current students in their journeys of faith through the same retreats and new programs. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to forge new relationships with students and faculty, and serve the community both inside the classroom and out!Brendan Ryan '19

Alumni Service Corps