Freshman Curriculum


Most freshmen take a standard of seven courses:

  • English I (one credit)
  • Religion I (one credit)
  • Western Civilization (one credit)
  • Math (one credit) – Most freshmen begin with Algebra I. Students seeking to place into a more advanced level math such as Intermediate Algebra or Geometry are required to take the placement test.
  • Biology or Honors Biology (one credit) – All freshmen will take a Biology course. Students who would like to be considered for Honors Biology must take the placement test.
  • Fine Arts - There are three options in the freshman year for fulfilling the Fine Arts requirement:
    • Art (one semester; half credit) and Music (one semester; half credit). A student may perform in the Jazz Band or String Ensemble to fulfill his one semester music requirement.
    • Foundations of Studio Art, a full-year visual arts course
    • Prep Singers, a full-year vocal performance group commitment
  • Latin I or a Modern Language (Spanish, French or German) (one credit) – Students who have previously studied a modern language and wish to advance to a higher level of the course (for example, Honors Spanish I, French II) must take the placement test.

Consult the academic course catalogue for more detailed information regarding course offerings at Prep.

Performance Groups

Students who successfully audition for Prep Singers, the Jazz Ensemble, or the String Ensemble and commit to the music performance program for their entire freshman year do not have to take the academic music class. Descriptions for each of these groups are found in the academic course catalogue. Students interested in auditioning for Prep Singers or the String Ensemble are strongly encouraged to set up an audition time this spring by contacting Mr. Ashur. Fall auditions are also available. All Jazz Ensemble auditions will take place in the Fall.


If your son has had accommodations in middle school due to learning differences, please send a complete report of your son’s psycho educational testing to Karen Napolitano, school counselor, for consideration. A full battery of testing (performed within the last five years) must be shared with the school for accommodations to be granted. Please note that a pediatrician’s diagnosis of ADD/ADHD does not in and of itself qualify for accommodations.