Health Form Information

Dear Incoming Parents,

As a new member of the Georgetown Prep community, you will be asked to submit health information online for your son. This involves having access to Magnus Health, our online medical record site. You will receive your Magnus login credentials over the summer. Until that time, we have provided three forms for you to take to your doctor to complete and sign. This will give you an early start on making appointments and filling out the required health information. Once completed, the forms should be sent to the Health Office where we will hold them until Magnus access is available. At that time, all three forms will need to be uploaded into the Magnus system:

1. Physical exam
2. Immunization history and information about what is required by the Health Department
3. Long-term prescription information pertaining to any medications your son is taking on a regular basis

Once you have been given access to Magnus, you will also receive instructions on how to go online and complete the rest of the health requirements beyond these three forms.

Congratulations on becoming a new member of the Georgetown Prep community! Please contact me with any questions.

Sharon Weldon, RN
School Nurse

Health Forms