A Jesuit Day and Boarding School For Young Men Outside Washington, D.C.

International Applicants

Georgetown Prep places an enormous emphasis on diversity and the inclusion of students from all over the world in the student body. On average, over 100 international students apply per year for approximately 20 spots in the boarding program. It is a very competitive process and we are looking for students who set themselves apart and will contribute to our rich Jesuit tradition.


Due to current conditions, we are unable to accommodate international visitors for campus tours this academic year.

Quick Facts

  • 67% of the student population is Catholic.
  • China currently has the largest portion of students from a foreign country at the school. We also have students from throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.
  • The Admissions Office provides the I-20 form for a visa upon acceptance as well as instructions for the F1 visa.

Important Information

  • Admissions interviews for international applicants may be done via Skype. Please note the additional requirements below for students residing in mainland China.
  • International applicants must include an image of their passport with their application materials.
  • Georgetown Prep offers ESL both during the school year and in the summer.
  • The TOEFL is required. We will determine ESL placement, if necessary.
  • The SSAT is required. The average scaled score is 2070 and the average SSAT Percentile rank is 60th percentile.
  • Only materials required for the application should be sent in to the office. Anything additional will not be considered, including grades from years before 6th grade, additional personal statements, certificates, and materials that are not translated.
  • Financial Aid: Due to the difficulties in documenting foreign income, financial aid is generally not available to international applicants.


Chinese Applicants

Georgetown Prep partners with Vericant, a China-based organization that assists independent schools in interviewing students from mainland China. To make good use of the interview process and get to know our Chinese applicants better, applicants residing in mainland China are required to interview with Vericant.

The Vericant interview will give you an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality and skills to our admissions team and is a required component of the completed application for all Chinese applicants. This will be the only interview for applicants residing in mainland China.

Please note that your Prep application fee does not include costs associated with the Vericant interview. Contact Vericant to schedule an appointment in a city near you. For interview scheduling and fee information, please follow this link. Interviews with Vericant must be completed by January 30, 2021.

Vericant FAQ