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Profile of a Graduate at Graduation


As a Jesuit, Catholic college preparatory high school, Georgetown Prep is committed to the excellence of our broad-based program of academics, co-curriculars, and spiritual formation. While that excellence can be measured through our students’ recognition and success, we are keenly focused on preparing our students for their journey after graduation. Our goal is to help form leaders of competence, conscience, compassion, and commitment to God in service who will work for justice and quality of life for all.

Upon graduation, it is our aim that a student will be:



Open to Growth

By instilling a joy in learning, each graduate will continue his own growth process long after he leaves Georgetown Prep. He will seek opportunities to develop his own mind, body, imagination, feelings, and religious consciousness.

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Intellectually Competent

A graduate will have mastered fundamental academic skills and have the knowledge, awareness, critical thinking skills and intellectual integrity to succeed in college and be prepared for leadership in service.




He will have a basic knowledge of Christianity and Catholic doctrines and practices. He will be developing strong moral reasoning skills. He will be coming to understand that faith in Jesus calls one to live as a person for others.

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He will begin to know and accept himself as being loved by others and being personally known and loved by God. He will begin to see and understand obstacles to human growth in the world, such as prejudice, while recognizing the ability of people and structures to change.

Committed to Doing Justice

He will have a growing understanding of injustice and its sources in the world and begin to see that Christian faith demands an active commitment toward fostering a just society. He will have acquired skills, such as an understanding of government and public policy, and the motivation to use his skills for the benefit of humanity.

Our most recent graduates - the Class of 2024

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As a Jesuit high school, the Georgetown Prep experience does not end at graduation. Our goal is to inspire and enable graduates to put their values into action with an active life of service for humanity, for the greater glory of God.