Class of 2025
Rising Sophomores

On this page, you will find all of the information you need to navigate the Course Registration process. First, please read the Course Catalogue to understand the course offerings and departmental progressions. Second, please feel free to peruse the “Sophomore Course Selection Choices” presentation. There, you will find an explanation of the choices available and an example of a typical sophomore course load.

Lastly, you must complete and submit the Sophomore Course Registration Form. This is a Google Form that should provide all possible options for your schedule; if there is a course missing or you have a question, please contact Dr. Maginnis. This year, we have eliminated the additional Honors/AP Application essay for most classes. Your aptitude for any and all classes will be considered by the teachers within each respective department.

A typical Georgetown Prep sophomore schedule may include the following:

1. Theology II
2. Math (by departmental placement)
3. English
4. Global History/Global Art & History/AP World History
5. Chemistry/Honors Chemistry
6. Latin I/II
7. Spanish/French/German/Chinese


Sophomore Course Selection Choices

The Sophomore Course Selection Choices guideline provides a list of required courses, electives, and a snapshot of a typical sophomore schedule. View the Sophomore Course Selection Choices. 

Sophomore Course Registration Form

Please use the Sophomore Course Registration Form to select the courses which you intend to enroll in or apply to for your sophomore year.