Class of 2021

On this page, you will find all of the information you need to navigate the Course Registration process. First, please read the Course Catalogue to understand the course offerings and departmental progressions. Second, please feel free to peruse the “Junior Course Selection Choices” presentation. There, you will find an explanation of the choices available and an example of a typical junior course load. In your junior year, your menu of courses begins to expand – you should consider carefully in what disciplines you would most like to push yourself. Also, you should start thinking about your junior year in terms of what classes it would set you up in for senior year.

All rising juniors should schedule a time to meet with Mr. Maginnis to discuss their 2019-20 schedules. Please click here to schedule that discussion.

Lastly, you must complete and submit the Junior Course Registration Form. This is a Google Form that should provide all possible options for your schedule; if there is a course missing or you have a question, please contact Mr. Maginnis. Please remember that for every Honors or AP class you are applying to, you MUST submit an individual application. For instance, if you are applying for Honors Physics and AP US History, you must submit two separate applications.

Junior Course Selection Choices

The Junior Course Selection Choices guideline provides a list of required courses, electives, and a snapshot of a typical junior schedule. View the Junior Course Selection Choices.

Junior Course Registration Form

Please use the Junior Course Registration Form to select the courses which you intend to enroll in or apply to for your junior year.

AP/Honors Course Application

Please use the AP/Honors Course Application to submit an application for each Honors/AP course to which you are applying.

The placement essay for those students applying for AP Language in their junior year will be held on Tuesday, February 26 and Wednesday, March 6. A student MUST attend one of these sessions in order to complete his application. The essay will start at 3:00 p.m. in the Hanley Center Multipurpose Room on both days.