College Counseling

Our College Counseling Office works closely with students and parents throughout the college selection and application process.

The College Counseling Office helps students identify and apply to colleges that will meet their needs while helping students make informed decisions that will prepare them for success. Students are encouraged to select a college where they will be happy and appropriately challenged.

Students are offered as much assistance as they need, but are strongly encouraged to recognize their responsibilities in selecting the college they will eventually attend. These responsibilities include examining their goals, researching colleges that can help achieve those goals, and completing and submitting the necessary applications.

The Process

The college selection process typically gains momentum during second semester of junior year when the College Counselors introduce the search process and key aspects of selecting a college. In addition, essay-writing and interviewing skills are emphasized.

Individual meetings with students and parents take place throughout the second semester of junior year, at the end of the summer, and throughout the first semester of senior year.

The Office keeps students and parents informed of college visits and deadlines through a weekly e-newsletter during fall semester of senior year. The Office provides additional support through college essay workshops, providing practice interviews and communicating with colleges about the status of applications.

Dean of College Counseling and Academic Support Services: Mr. Stephen Maczynski
College Counselor: Mr. Nathan Lockett
College Counselor: Mr. Mac Kimmitt
Assistant to College Counselors: Ms. Annie Gehringer

The College Counseling Office is located on the second floor of the George Center.