Do I need to purchase new computer if I already have one?

No. The purchase of a new computer is not required so long as the device meets the minimum recommended specifications. With that said, it is important to consider the kind of “wear and tear” incurred by a high school student’s daily use of a device.

What if my son already own a Google Chromebook, which is not on the approved list of devices?


If your son has been using a Chromebook thus far, he should already be aware of the technical limitations of that particular device. He should expect to encounter those same limitations moving forward. With that said, school computer labs are available to students for more extensive projects such as video editing/graphical design projects that require specialized software.

How will damage of personally owned devices be handled?

Georgetown Prep is not responsible for the maintenance of a student’s device. If a student’s BYOD device is experiencing technical difficulties, the school will have a limited supply of temporary laptops that can be borrowed (up to one week) while the student’s personal device is repaired. In addition, the school has computer labs located in the library with 30+ computers to use. Students are expected to seek repair or replacement of their BYOD device independent of the school. The school’s IT Department will NOT perform repairs to student’s personal devices. It is highly recommended that students purchase an insurance plan.

How will loss or theft of personally owned devices be handled?

Georgetown Prep is not responsible for devices that are lost or stolen. Our community is one in which students are very comfortable leaving their personal items unattended. Unfortunately, there are times when expensive personal items go missing. Some devices come with a device locator; it is recommended that students enable this feature if possible. Students are also encouraged to attach clear identification and tags to their devices.

Are students able to recharge devices during the school day?

Yes. Students are expected to bring their laptops to school each class day, fully charged. The minimum specifications for our student devices are designed to ensure that, when fully charged, the device battery will last throughout the typical school day. With that said, charging stations will be setup in common areas so that students can charge their devices during free time. In addition, all of the science labs are equipped with lab stations and outlets.

What software do I need to acquire for my laptop?

  • Web Browser: All student devices will be expected to have an updated web browser(s) (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and/or Apple Safari)
  • Security: All student laptops must have current antivirus and anti-malware, with updated definition files, installed and running regularly.
  • Productivity Software: Microsoft Office (optional) Students will also have access to a school Google Docs account.
  • Class-specific software: In the event that other programs may be required for specific classes, this will be detailed in the course materials along with textbooks. The student is responsible to purchase the necessary software on their own.

Will my son be required to use his device in every class?

No. Students are required to bring their device with them to every class. However, they will not necessarily be required to use it. Certain disciplines/teachers will require it more than others.

How will students receive instruction on the use of these laptops?

Students will participate in technology orientations in May and August. These orientations will not only focus on “Appropriate Use,” but also on the instruction on how to use school specific systems. In addition, technology training will be incorporated into the curriculum.

How can we make sure students are using the devices appropriately?

Students will be required to sign a “Parent/Student Handbook Agreement Form” at the beginning of the school year. This document includes language and expectations regarding appropriate use of technology at Georgetown Prep.

In addition, technology is and will continue to be integrated into our curriculum in a constructive and thoughtful way . Effective teaching is about tailoring the learning experience to the needs of the students and the material they are exploring. Teachers will be experts in understanding classroom management strategies that focus on keeping students on task while they are using their devices. Technology training will also be integrated into our advisory program with discussions that focus on appropriate use.

The appropriate use of technology is an area where the partnership between parents and the school is extremely important, as it needs to be part of the conversation at home as well as at school. By addressing these challenges with the devices present, we can begin to teach students how to achieve a reasonable balance between life and screen, and to model that behavior ourselves.

If I have additional questions about GP’s BYOD program, whom can I contact?

Please contact our IT team at (techsupport@gprep.org)