The math department’s goal is for students to develop the necessary perseverance to work through challenging problems using critical thinking while taking personal responsibility for their individual learning. In addition to competency in math fundamentals, classes encourage an appreciation for the study of math and its applications in the world.

The math program is rigorous but flexible, serving the needs of students of all abilities. Students from any freshman math class are given the opportunity to accelerate eventually into Advanced Placement Calculus classes. The curriculum is designed to give students a solid foundation in math so they can succeed in Calculus and college level math. Calculators are only used in advanced classes.


Mr. Patrick Butcher

Mr. John DeCaro

Mr. Kevin Dorn

Mrs. Valerie Franck

Mr. Tom Gigot, Chair

Ms. Katherine Howard

Ms. Ann Nichols

Ms. Christina Shockley

Mr. Andy Swaminathan

Mrs. Lucie Wilson

Mr. Tim Wisecarver

Math Sequence

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