Visual Arts

Georgetown Prep Art ClassAll freshmen take Freshman Art, an introductory half-year course to help build a foundation in visual and cultural literacy. Classes such as Methods and Materials, Glass Art Studio, and Digital Photography are subsequently offered with departmental approval. Advanced classes such as Senior Studio Art, AP Studio Art, and AP Art History are offered to highly motivated students, with the opportunity to build a portfolio and undertake further exploratory work.

Freshman Art

This half-year Visual Arts Course fulfills one half of the Fine Arts credit needed for graduation. The intent of the course is to have all students, talented in art or not, get basic experiences in visual literacy. This goal is reached through extensive projects focusing on the main techniques of art making and a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics of 20th century visual art from around the world. Students will also work with the six basic elements of art as well as the seven basic principles of design to explore and become competent in the fundamentals of art. (0.5 credit)

Sophomore Art: Methods and Materials

This course is designed for sophomore students who anticipate continuing on as AP Studio Art students in their junior and senior years. Although this course is not a prerequisite to the AP program, the course is extremely helpful for those students who do advance in this program and then on to AP. This course explores the foundations of drawing, painting, and design as well as the fundamental, technical, and perceptual skills using various drawing media and their application to pictorial organization. Through a variety of hands-on projects, students will work with the visual elements of art: gesture, line, shape and volume, value, texture, perspective, and composition. Readings, slide lectures, presentations, and critiques will supplement the assignments and emphasize the practice of translating visual ideas. Using the concepts, techniques, and materials, students are encouraged to apply these new skills toward the development of their own forms of self expression. This is a one-semester class. (0.5 credit)

Graphic Design

This course is as a yearlong elective in the Fine Arts Department. It is a natural evolution of the design skills that students acquire in the Freshman Art Course and can greatly benefit any student looking to be engaged in art at Prep. A student may, but does not have to, continue on into the A.P. Studio Art Program after this course. Graphic Design is a class that teaches art and technology. In this class students will use design as a creative process in communication. Students will also explore various methods used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Students will use the basic elements and principles of art and also learn how to use the computer programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This class teaches the basics of Graphic Design through an illustrative and corporate view. This is a full-year course open to all interested students who have completed freshman art. (1 credit)

AP Art History

This a college-level introductory art history survey in which students learn to identify, examine, and critically analyze major forms of art from prehistory to the present. While the curriculum, requirements, and standards are extremely demanding and rigorous, the rewards are extraordinary. Students will significantly improve critical thinking and writing skills and expand visual literacy, and they will develop an understanding of the diverse cultural and historical contexts of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other media. Perhaps most importantly, students will confront the whole range of human experience, stretch their minds and imaginations to embrace new ideas and places, and develop a deeper understanding of what drives us as a species—our fears, our loves, and our beliefs. This course fulfills the social studies requirement for senior year. (1 credit)

AP Studio Art I

The AP Studio Art course is for students interested in a rigorous and focused study in art. Students will develop a quality portfolio that demonstrates a mastery of concept, composition, and execution in 2D design. This course is based on a student creating a body of work that demonstrates quality, concentration, and breadth. This portfolio will be submitted to the College Board for college credit. As in any college level course students will be expected to spend a considerable amount of time outside of class in order to complete assignments and do homework and sketchbook assignments. This course is designed for juniors who want or need a portfolio for career goals or for college entrance credentials. Most students come to the class from the Sophomore Methods and Materials course, but students wanting to be admitted who have not taken sophomore art should bring a drawing of a portrait, a landscape, or an object to a member of the fine arts department to be sure signing up for this course is a good placement. (1 credit)

AP Studio Art II

This art course is designed for the continuation of the AP portfolio begun in the junior year. These highly motivated students are completing 12 concentration pieces and 12 breadth section pieces of the AP portfolio. Students will show work and be able to articulate their visual ideas. AP Exam is mandatory. (1 credit)

Prerequisite: AP Studio Art I

Digital Photography

This year-long course provides students with an introduction to photography as an art medium through hands on experience in the creation and editing of images. The curriculum emphasizes the principles and elements of good photographic composition in the context of traditional visual artwork; a general history of photography and introduction to selected historically significant photographers; the theory of digital photography, color theory, and a practical understanding of standard digital camera controls and functions; software manipulation of images; experience working in the traditional photographic themes including landscape, still life, nature, portrait, -21- abstract, surrealism, and photojournalism through assigned projects.

Advanced students have the option to prepare and submit a photographic portfolio to meet the requirements of AP Studio Art. (1 credit)

*Open to juniors and seniors only. Students will need to have access to a dedicated digital camera of at least 8 megapixels resolution. Cell phone cameras can be used as a backup, but should not be used as the primary camera for this class.