Global Scholars

All roads lead to Rome: The United Kingdom
(Scotland and England)

London | Bath | Hadrian's Wall | Edinburgh

March 15 - March 26, 2019

Open to 2018-19 Sophomores and Juniors

Global Scholars is an honors group inaugurated last year at Georgetown Preparatory School.

Throughout the year, students participate in seminars on a variety of interdisciplinary topics that culminate in a trip: a capstone experience and further cementing participants as academically, globally, and spiritually competent men. This year, we will continue our focus on the home of the Catholic faith and one of the ancient birthplaces of architectural ingenuity, oratory, and our government: Italy.

Global Scholars selects students for their compassion, academic excellence, and commitment to global citizenship. During the year, students will participate in a monthly seminar to promote the following: intellectual discourse on a variety of disciplines and how they interrelate, discussion on current events and issues regarding our faith, and create a foundation of international community through discourse with our alumni and contacts across the globe.

Accepted applicants who complete Global Scholars will have it added to their transcripts as an honor completed at Georgetown Preparatory School.

Those interested in learning more about Global Scholars should contact Ms. Laura Hatmaker.