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Cui '19 Attends Global Health Conference

Yuki Cui '19
Yuki Cui '19 recently attended the Harvard College Global Health and Leadership Conference where he was able to learn from several Harvard faculty and fellows about global health and leadership. At the conference, high school students address the injustices facing the world and study inequalities in access, quality, and income, which disparages healthcare. They also learn about areas of global health and how to lead change and innovation in those areas.

"Coming into the conference, I thought I had a good assumption of what 'global health' is, healthcare around the world," Yuki says. "However, I quickly learned that my understanding of global health was very limited and one-dimensional; global health includes and/or relates to other topics such as poverty, nutrition, environment, human rights, and much more. This realization helped me to mature intellectually as well as be more open to growth."

In addition to listening and engaging with global health topics, Yuki also chose to participate in a case study competition to analyze the social, economic, and biological aspects of influenza. Students were assigned teams with people from a different state, and they would work with that individual for the weeks leading up to the conference to write a six-page report. Yuki and his team then presented their analysis to their peers and a panel of judges on Sunday, April 29, winning Honorable Mention.

"My experience at the Global Health Conference reminds me of Prep; like the students and staff of Georgetown Prep, I met a group of highly educated and strongly motivated individuals who are committed to making this world a better place. Likewise, I hope to be a person also committed to doing justice and to grow as a 'man for others.'"

Photo: Paul Lewis, program coordinator and chair for the Harvard College Global Health and Leadership Conference.