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Campus Center, Residence Hall, and New Athletic Facilities Renderings

Georgetown Prep's Residential Program has been the core of the School's diverse and culturally-rich community since 1789. Once home to the entire student body as well as most of the faculty, Boland Hall was the center of academic and social life on campus. However, as the campus developed westward over the past sixty years, the Residential Program has been left on the periphery.

The new Campus Center and Residence Hall will relocate the Residential Program back to the center of life at Georgetown Prep, benefiting both its day students with a renewed connection to the richness of the Residential Program and its boarding community with the energy and enthusiasm of its day students. The new building will have 70 dorm rooms and 128 beds. It will also include nearly 15,000 square feet of faculty and staff apartments and accommodations. Other features include an Assembly Hall, a vastly enlarged Infirmary, a "Family Kitchen and Living Room," and Residential Lounge.

The Campus Center and Residence Hall will be directly adjacent to the new William V. Bidwill '49 Stadium at Historic Fegan-Galvin Field. The state-of-the-art stadium, which will be outfitted for football, soccer, and lacrosse, will include vastly improved fan seating, and press and coaches' boxes. The new athletic facilities will also include team rooms and readily accessible restrooms. Lowering the field four feet will allow for a better fan experience from the George Center's Hoya Cafe and Patio. The removal of the track to the renovated North Fields will allow for a more intimate and exciting experience for both athletes and fans alike.

Construction of the Campus Center, Residence Hall, and New Athletic Facilities began in December 2020. Follow the link to read more about the project and view the campus renderings.