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Ethan Ristu '24 Recognized in New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Congratulations to Ethan Ristu '24 for his recognition in the New York Times Summer Reading Contest!

Ethan commented, "First and foremost, I'm thankful I had the opportunity to participate in the contest thanks to the free NYT subscription that Prep makes available to the student body. I discovered the contest mid-summer while going through the NY Times website. I've always enjoyed the wide array of articles available and was excited I had the opportunity to write my own thoughts and reactions to them through the contest."

Please read Ethan's submission to the contest below:

Motivation. Something we all find ourselves at loss for sometimes. Even the smallest acts like reading a Times article becomes a Herculean task.

The worst part of feeling unmotivated is that the hour, day, or week after when we realize all we could have done with the idly wasted time is when we scorn ourselves for lost opportunities or productivity.

At times it feels like I spend my days in a monotonous cycle, failing to utilize the summer I have. Time wasted as I drift aimlessly from show to show on my overworked Netflix account. Pleading with myself afterwards to get up and do something productive with my day. (I'm embarrassed to admit the amount of times I've ignored myself.)

But, there's still hope. Awareness of the problems our world face, the expectations of those who've helped raise me, and the knowledge that I have the power to determine what happens to me help push me through the haze of laziness that confront me every morning.

I can't compare my daily ordeals or trials, like preparing for standardized tests or helping take care of my little brother, to those that faced the legendary Greek hero himself. Still, I'm content conquering my own personal shortcomings and failings, knowing- hoping really- that I'll be able to look back maybe months, years, or even decades in the future and thank myself for working through my bouts of lethargy so that I could progress enough to inspire real change in the world.

-Ethan Ristu '24

You can see his name listed and learn more about the contest here.