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Dacque Tirado Named Director of Intercultural Diversity

Among Jesuit schools, Georgetown Preparatory School is uniquely blessed with a rich and diverse community of students and faculty and staff, representing many cultures, races, ethnicities, language groups, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While Georgetown Prep enjoys remarkable success as a community engaging such a broad spectrum of human experience, nonetheless the School is faced with both internal and external challenges as we try to help each member of our community feel fully vested in the community, knowing that gifts of each are welcome at the table and that each will have the opportunity to grow and thrive in our educational and formational programs. Our own history has shown that while our community may feel that it is extraordinarily open, in fact that openness may not always be felt by some members and can be easily compromised. And in a time of heightened cultural tensions, especially around racial and ethnic understanding, it is incumbent upon us as a community to think and work intentionally to make sure that the School is both informed about such issues and that we are actively addressing them as a community on behalf of all our members. Knowing that Georgetown Prep has been so blessed, this is what the magis asks of us as a community.

Georgetown Prep has announced the appointment of Dacque Tirado as the Director of Intercultural Diversity. Reporting to the President, and working with the President and Headmaster, Mr. Tirado will work collaboratively with all administration, faculty, and staff to create the vision for our community that respects the diversity we represent at Georgetown Prep in alignment with our Jesuit tradition and our motto, Utraque Unum. This vision will seek to inspire all members of our community to incorporate a commitment to peace, respect, equity, justice, growth, and hope into every aspect of our work, play, prayer, and life together here at Prep in keeping with the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation and our aspiration to become people of conscience, competence, courage, and compassion, people of faith and people for-and-with others.

Mr. Tirado, a native of New York City, has twenty years of experience working in independent education, including nine at Georgetown Prep. He is currently a member of the Social Studies Department, teaching U.S. History, AP Government and Comparative Politics, and American Studies. In addition, Mr. Tirado works in the International Office and as a Duty Administrator in the Residential Life Department. He earned a Bachelor's Degree from Wesleyan University, a Masters of Arts degree from Columbia University, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

In partnership with the President, the Headmaster, administrators, faculty and staff, and our broader community, Mr. Tirado will foster a climate and culture at Prep that supports growth and development, success, access, and opportunity for every member of our community. He will work to create an atmosphere and culture that is attractive and welcoming to all students, with particular focus on students whose background may seem to isolate them here at Prep.

Tasked with providing a comprehensive strategic and operational vision for leveraging the diversity among staff, faculty, students, administration, and alumni as an organizational benefit, Mr. Tirado will work with leadership to help create a culture of trust and comfort where different perspectives are honored, valued, and celebrated within our Jesuit tradition.