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Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Irving '15

The Alumni Spotlight highlights Georgetown Prep alumni making impacts all over the globe. Prep's 5,700 live and work all over the world in every field imaginable. The Alumni Spotlight series captures our graduates' stories and Georgetown Prep's impact on their lives after their four years as a student. To submit a story, email alumni@gprep.org.

Stephen Irving is from Bowie, Maryland. He is the son of Stephen and Diane Irving, and the younger brother of Caitlyn Irving. He went to Robert Goddard French Immersion Elementary/Middle school where he developed a passion for language learning and cultural exchange. He grew up playing soccer and swimming, and continues to practice and follow the sports.

What have you done since graduating from Prep?

After graduating from Prep, I went to Yale University in Connecticut where I studied psychology. At Yale I worked in various positions that allowed me to organize events, train other students, and coordinate information exchange between students and the college administration. I was also fortunate enough to visit the ecumenical Taizé community in Taizé, France on two service-and-retreat experiences. My studies, work, and service work have led me to further explore the intersection of business and psychology after my graduation in 2019. During the 2019-2020 school year, I returned to Prep as a member of the Alumni Service Corps. I am currently pursuing a Master of Management Studies degree at Duke's Fuqua School of Business. I intend to work in areas of organizational training and development.

What was your experience like coming back to Prep to be a member of the Alumni Service Corps?

Coming back to Prep as a member of the Alumni Service Corps was one of the best decisions I made. It felt like coming home. Though much had changed since I had left, much had also stayed the same. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. It was great to not only share my experience as an alumnus with the current students, but also to learn at Prep once again, albeit in a much different way. The year allowed me to further discern the work I want to pursue while getting to experience Prep from a completely different perspective. It was the perfect opportunity to give back to the Prep community while also planning the next steps in my career.

What was one of your fondest memories as a student?

I have a lot of great memories as a student, but one of the fondest is about a friend of mine. During our senior year, my friend decided to join the Prep Players. We had seen other performances put on by the group but it was an especially big deal since this was our senior year, and this particular friend had not been in a play previously. The night of the show, we filled two entire rows near the front of the theater in support. We all got so excited whenever he showed up on stage and, of course, could not contain our excitement. I remember it was a fun night of cheering, joking, and just enjoying the moment. It was definitely an experience that we all fondly look back on.

What impact did Georgetown Prep have on you?

Georgetown Prep is where I realized that my skills are best used when serving others. I have always enjoyed helping others, and Prep taught me how to use my gifts and talents generously. It has been in doing so that I have both done the most help for others, and learned the most through those experiences. Looking back, Prep shaped my desire to pursue work in organizational training and development.

What advice do you have for current students?

I would tell current Prep students to enjoy the experience. Your time at Prep goes by quickly. Take advantage of it. Go to that game. Try that club. See that teacher after school. It will be tough, it will be busy, and it will be exhausting in the moment, but it doesn't last forever. Put in the work now and you will get the most out of your time at Prep. Give your best effort in everything you're doing.