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Alumni Spotlight: Rob Clark '87, P'19

The Alumni Spotlight highlights Georgetown Prep alumni making impacts all over the globe. Prep's 5,700 live and work all over the world in every field imaginable. The Alumni Spotlight series captures our graduates' stories and Georgetown Prep's impact on their lives after their four years as a student. To submit a story, email alumni@gprep.org.

Rob Clark '87, P'19 is a professional speaker and the author of two children's books - "Homecoming" and "Flynndini Lives!" - and one self-help motivational book, "Smiling in the Cube." His fourth, and most recent book, "Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes," was published by Koehler Books in September 2020.

"Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes" highlights the four major facets of resiliency: adversity, perspective, passion, and appreciation. Through personal anecdotes, newsworthy tidbits, and descriptive analogies, Rob Clark leverages classic storytelling to provide a framework and structure to help us all move forward with confidence.

Rob has over 25 years of direct sales experience and has become one of the leading authorities on resilience in the workplace. Rob has been the subject of numerous articles and podcasts, and his weekly blog, The Resilient Worker, has reached hundreds and thousands of readers over the past five years.

In addition, Rob brings the power of The Resilient Worker blog to life with keynote and personalized speeches. He has delighted both Fortune 500 companies, small companies, and every size company in between with his wit, charm and sincerity. Rob lives outside Washington, DC with his wife, Jennifer, four children, Justin, Riley, Courtney, and Cassidy, and one amazing dog, Parker.

What have you done since graduating from Prep?

I spent four great years at Duke before launching into a long sales career. Along the way, I made a run as a screenwriter in Hollywood and never stopped writing. I founded my Resilient Worker blog six years ago and draw on many of the life lessons I learned during my time at Georgetown Prep. I still live close to campus with my wife, Jennifer, son, Justin, and three daughters, Riley, Courtney, and Cassidy. Life is good!

You recently published your new book, "Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes" that was just added to the bestsellers list for your publisher, Koehler Books. What inspired you to write this book?

Having been in a series of sales jobs over the years, I have witnessed a lot of negative talk around the water cooler. That negativity can quickly escalate into apathy and despair if there is no framework for accountability in place. I wanted to write something that would inspire hope and resiliency at all levels of an organization, but also be relatable and easy to read. The goal is not to save the world, but just to make our corner a little bit better. And with the current pandemic, social upheaval, and political turmoil, resilience is more important than ever.

What was one of your fondest memories as a student at Prep?

Walking off the field after my final football game my senior year. We had just wrapped an undefeated season and I remember my goals coming to fruition. Everything was in slow motion as I soaked in every detail. My teammates celebrating. My parents in the stands. The smell of the grass and the mud. The long shadows across the scoreboard. The feeling of exhaustion and elation. It's been almost 34 years and I remember it like it was yesterday.

What impact did Georgetown Prep have on you?

Georgetown Prep was not a four-year experience for me. I grew up going to functions on campus that my dad would organize. I then spent most of my childhood on the sidelines of Prep football games, watching my older brothers compete for glory. After graduation, my best friends were (and still are!) from Georgetown Prep and I stayed active and involved in the Alumni Association (eventually serving as President for many years). When my son Justin was ready for high school, the decision was easy, and I was proud to become a GP Parent. I think it's safe to say that Georgetown Prep is a center piece of my life and I couldn't picture my life without it. God, Family, Country, and Georgetown Prep!

What advice would you have for current Prep students?

Continue to study hard and find balance with extra-curricular activities. That discipline and balance will serve you well later in life. But don't forget to pick your head up out of the weeds every once in a while and ask bigger questions. What am I working toward? How am I going to get there? What do I treasure most in my life? Hard work combined with a healthy perspective will provide an amazing springboard from Georgetown Prep into the world!