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A Message from the President-of-the-Yard | Peter C. Connolly '20

The message below was sent to all Georgetown Prep students from Peter C. Connolly '20, President-of-the-Yard on Sunday, March 29.



As we begin our fourth quarter on Monday, I know we all are disappointed to not be able to reunite with each other. There's no need to whitewash the frustration we're all experiencing at this time, as we have to deal with the deprivation of some of the great moments and interactions that make daily life at Prep so great.

Freshmen: your irreplaceable first year experience was abruptly put on hold. You may have to wait another year to sense the exhilaration of charging the field after a win over Gonzaga or Landon. Sophomores: just as you are beginning to make a name for your class and step into leadership positions, you, too, have to wait. Juniors: you're entering what is generally considered to be the most stressful and taxing stage of your high school experience as you strive to perfect your transcripts as they will be sent to your chosen set of colleges very soon. The uncertainty of this situation must be gnawing at you.

And to my fellow members of the class of 2020: nothing can match the loss we feel over not being able to enter into what is supposed to be one of the greatest stages of our lives. I know many classmates have shared the sentiment that we are being robbed of the best moments of our senior year. Nothing can replace the lacrosse, rugby, baseball, track, golf, and tennis seasons we're missing, as well as the last moments we share together on campus.

As easy and natural it is to bemoan our situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak, the truth is that we are sailing into uncharted waters. Our final quarter of this year will not be defined by what we are missing out on, but how we respond. We now have a chance to prove the strength and resilience of our spirit as a community. As Coach Paro always tells the football team during the hot and humid weeks of August football camp, "Adversity is your greatest friend." Indeed, there will be growing pains as we recalibrate our academic, athletic, and social routine off campus. Believe me, Peter Roche and I have been dealing with a tremendous loss, as we are forced to put all the assemblies, pep rallies, booster videos, grill-outs, and student sections on hold indefinitely. Our year is not over, however. Our work will go on. Our seasons will continue and Georgetown Prep will stand as strong and steady as ever in these coming months.

In the next few weeks, do not fall out of your habits and slouch into a more comfortable lifestyle. Approach each day with the same drive and purpose that you would any day. If you're a spring athlete, keep your game face on and be a good teammate by keeping up a workout routine. Treat every day as if it's our last day apart and when we are reunited, it will be heard all the way up Rockville Pike. See you in class on Monday.

Hoya Saxa,

Peter C. Connolly