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A Message from Rev. James R. Van Dyke, S.J. to the Prep Community

The message below was sent from Rev. James R. Van Dyke, S.J., Prep's President, to the entire School community on Friday, April 3.

Dear Members of the Georgetown Prep Community:

So we come to another Friday afternoon, and I am more aware than ever that it is a rare and privileged moment – a gift.

To say it has been quite a week is something of an understatement. The news of the past several days has been sobering. But we have had a good week here, and that is also a gift. Many of us (myself included) were anxious about the transition to online learning. But I was heartened Sunday afternoon to read our President-of-the-Yard Peter Connolly's letter to the Prep student body. To quote this impressive young man, "Our year is not over, however. Our work will go on. Our seasons will continue and Georgetown Prep will stand as strong and steady as ever in these coming months."

Our first week of distance learning went terrifically. Our students have been engaged, prepared, and ready, even if appearing with bed-head and in PJ's. Our faculty was organized, flexible, and welcoming. Our staff was there to help. We were ready. I could not be prouder of or more grateful to our students, faculty, and staff. St. Ignatius reminds us to look for God working in all things. It has not been difficult to see His grace at work here.

During this time of distancing, it is imperative that we stay engaged as a community. While we have had to adjust all our spring events, we will continue to be a community. As I mentioned in my video message last Friday, we are planning a wonderful online Gala. We will have more information in short order. We have postponed, but certainly not cancelled, the Little Hoya Golf Classic. And I'm happy to announce that our Alumni Relations Office has launched an interactive community platform—GP Connect—exclusively for our 5,810 alumni.

We have been very fortunate in so many ways so far as this crisis has unfolded. I wish I could say that we will emerge unscathed, but I cannot. What I can promise you is that we will do everything possible to continue our good work – the work God has entrusted to Prep for 231 years now – work that is now and has always been aimed toward building a better and holier world.

These are difficult times, but, as the guys would say, we are here for each other. It's in our DNA. We are men and women for and with others, and we will continue to live our shared mission from our homes.

I continue to pray for you, your families, and for Georgetown Prep, especially as we enter Holy Week. It is my profound hope to see you soon.

God bless,

Rev. James R. Van Dyke, S.J.