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A Message from Fr. Pilarz on the Last Day of School

Dear Members of the Georgetown Prep Community,

As I write this letter on the last day of the 2017-18 academic year, I find myself reflecting about my last four years as president of Georgetown Prep. I have said many times that leading our nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit school has been one of the great graces in my Jesuit life. Georgetown Prep is a unique and remarkable institution.

If you think about Prep, certain words come to mind and they are different for each of us. Words like "brotherhood," "home," "tradition," "legacy," and "global." Prep is special for so many reasons. As I write one of my last letters to the Prep community, a different word stands out to me: family.

Over these last four years, you have welcomed me into your family and entrusted me to lead America's oldest Ignatian apostolate. While I am not packing up my desk quite yet, I do want to take this moment and say thank you.

Thank you to our passionate and dedicated alumni who bleed blue and gray. It has been a joy and inspiration meeting with you all over the country and the world. I have rarely seen a more connected and passionate alumni base in my 35 years in Jesuit education. Thank you to our faculty and staff for your commitment to our sacred mission. It would be hard to find a more committed group of educators anywhere in the world. Thank you to our parents for your faith in us. You have raised remarkable young men of faith and men for others. And, finally, thank you to our students. You have made this job fun. Your care for Prep and for one another is something that I have seldom witnessed in all my years in education. I have had the great privilege of witnessing your enthusiasm day in and day out. There is no doubt that you will set the world on fire.

Today, as we conclude another school year, I say thank you for allowing me into your family and ask you to pray for Georgetown Prep, especially our recent graduates.

God Bless and Hoya Saxa,

Scott R. Pilarz, S.J.