Campus News

2017-18 National Honor Society

On September 27, forty-eight members of the class of 2018 were inducted into the Saint Edmund Campion chapter of the National Honor Society.

All inductees maintained a high academic average while taking very rigorous course loads and exhibited the four values of excellence in service, character, scholarship, and leadership during their tenure at Georgetown Prep. All members of the National Honor Society are expected to maintain their academic standing and serve as mentors to underclassmen.

The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize exceptional high school students. Founded in 1921, the organization serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of service, character, scholarship, and leadership. The Georgetown Prep Saint Edmund Campion chapter was founded in 1979.

Congratulations to the forty-eight inductees of the National Honor Society!

Gabriel Achi

Jovan Kouakou

Cory Angel

Yueh-Lung Kuo

Christopher Barclay

Reid Landis

John Besche

Hsien-Tung Liao

William Boggs

Robert Littlefield

Wyatt Broyles

Dillon Lue

Chung-Kai Chen

Garrett Lyons

Jiacheng Chen

Enrique Matta

Lewis Christie

Christopher McCormick

Peter Coene

John McIntyre

Philip Dainty

Kieran McKeon

Marco Davis

Corbett McLaughlin

Thomas Dolan

James McLean

Kaleb Fernandez

Logan Miller

Arthur Gorlorwulu

Andrew Mister

Steven Gutowski

Matteo Patzy

Ian Haley

John Ridgway

Nathaniel Higgins

Michael Rifka

William Hitt

Tinghui She

Hunter Houle

Thomas Shriver

Joseph Hooke

Connor Starkey

Patrick Howley

Zhanlong Wang

Luke Jordan

Zherong Zhang

Kaelan Kerrigan

Runde Zhu