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Religion field trip
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Each year, as the climax of their study of the world's religious traditions in Theology IV, our seniors go on a field trip to visit major local sites where members of these traditions gather to celebrate and practice their faith. Our seniors use their academic knowledge and interreligious dialogue skills to learn more about each community and to speak with the people there. 

This year the Theology IV students visited Beth Sholom Congregation and engaged in dialogue with Rabbi Cooper and younger members of the congregation. We toured the Sri Shiva Vishnu Hindu Temple and conversed with two members: Chandra Bappanad, whose son graduated from Prep in the 1990s, and Prasad Kadambi. We experienced the beautiful Turkish Cultural Center and Mosque at the Diyanet Center of America, learning from the Center's president, who is a scholar of Islamic studies. Finally we met Buddhist nun Heng Je at the Avatamsaka Vihara monastery, and she led us in a dialogue and a meditation. The seniors found this to be a very rich experience, which increased their empathic understanding of the people they encountered and provided a valuable opportunity to absorb all that is good, true, and beautiful in these traditions.

religion field trip


religion field trip