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Trail Hike
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At the end of April, our freshmen were on a a Spiritual Pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail. They had the opportunity to reflect on their experience at Georgetown Prep as they explored what it means to be a student at a Jesuit school. While hiking along the Appalachian Trail, students were invited to consider the Jesuit motto “Finding God in All Things,” while they participated in small group discussions centered on the themes of self-awareness, spirituality and service.

Oscar Echevarria '26 said "During the day, I reflected a lot on my actions and how they affect those around me. Hiking through the woods helped me realize that my actions reach farther than just the things around me. This hike helped me become more conscience of how my actions affect the environment."

Milo Long shared "On my freshman retreat I was paired up with several of my classmates that I did not know very well. This retreat brought me closer to them by sharing in a fun yet difficult experience."