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Georgetown Prep was awarded the Red Cross Club of the Year Award and Club founder, Joseph Yung ’25, was awarded the MHF Young Humanitarian of the Year!!

The Club has fully embraced the Red Cross mission, actively participating in a wide range of regional activities. Their exceptional service over the past twelve months demonstrates a commitment that goes above and beyond expectations.

Joseph's impact has been nothing short of remarkable in just one year of service. As the founder and president of the Red Cross Club at Georgetown Prep, Joseph launched the Club with fervor, participating in initiatives like the Toilet Drive For Kids, assembling an impressive 302 bags, and raising over $5,000 to support Red Cross missions. Under Joseph's leadership, the Club hosted successful blood drives, collecting a total of 10 units of blood, potentially saving the lives of 300 individuals. In demonstrating exceptional service, Joseph's efforts exemplify the true spirit of humanitarianism. His leadership, dedication, and impact are a testament to his outstanding contributions to the Red Cross mission. Joseph was awarded a $500 Scholarship from the Red Cross.

Congratulations to Joseph and all the members of the GP Red Cross Club!