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National High School Model Arab League
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Congratulations to the International Relations Club who hosted this year's National High School Model Arab League at Georgetown Preparatory School on April 28-29. The conference was led by Ethan Ristu '24 as Secretary-General, Zeno Song '24 as Joint Defense Council, Matias Beariault '25 as Council on Political Affairs, and Jason Oh '25 as Council of Arab Environmental Affairs Ministers.

Multiple special awards were garnered by our students!

Future award-winning leaders for next year's National High School Model Arab League Conference will be Jason Oh '25 as Secretary-General, and Matias Beariault as Assistant Secretary-General.

Joint Defense Council
Outstanding Delegate: Alan Mehmetoglu - St. Andrew's Episcopal School (UAE)
Distinguished Delegate: Tayo Makinde '25 - Georgetown Prep (Oman)

Political Affairs Council
Outstanding Delegate: Claudia Nachega - Georgetown Visitation (Jordan)
Distinguished Delegate: Junheo Yeo '24 and Joseph Yung '25 - Georgetown Prep (Lebanon)

Overall Awards
Overall Outstanding Delegation: Georgetown Prep (Lebanon)
Overall Distinguished Delegation:  St. Andrew's Episcopal School (UAE)
Overall Outstanding Chair: Jason Oh '25 - Georgetown Prep