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Alliance High School Golf Team
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Rúa Kimotho ’24 collected golf clubs and supplies for the golf team at Alliance High School in Kenya. Alliance High School is one of the highest academically performing secondary schools in Kenya. Their golf team is made up of 10 passionate scholar-athletes who share 2 sets of golf clubs among themselves. Rue sent 10 golf bags and clubs to Alliance High School in Kenya.

Rúa said “They all love the game and want to improve but some don't  have the means to. I have been mentoring the golf team over the last 2 years - helping them with golf instruction, motivation, and course management strategy. It has meant so much to me to be able to give these kids an opportunity to excel in the sport I love. Golf is a sport where people of color have consistently been underrepresented and so any chance I get to introduce or cultivate more young black golfers I enjoy taking. Some of the kids on the teams have big ambitions in the game of golf and I look forward to seeing how they progress and how they take advantage of this new opportunity.”

The deputy headmaster at Alliance High School and the boys golf team were excited to receive these items and look forward to improving their golf game.

Rúa demonstrates the Jesuit value of “Men of faith and men for others.”

Rue and golf clubs