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Kofi Asante Asamoah

Bobby Elliott graduated from Prep in 1988. He matriculated to the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his B.S. in Economics. Growing up he always had an interest in business, but as the son of a physician, he developed an interest in medicine as well. After his undergraduate studies, he went to work for a boutique healthcare consulting firm and realized that healthcare management would be a viable way to merge these two interests. He returned to the University of Pennsylvania to receive his MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management from the Wharton School of Business. Upon graduation he moved to New York City to join the healthcare practice of Deloitte Consulting.  After six years at Deloitte, Bobby returned to the DC area to work in hospital administration with the Trinity Health System and later Ascension Health. He is currently the Director of Strategy at the University of Maryland Medical System, Capital Region Health. Bobby resides in Bethesda with his wife Nicole, and two sons, Marley, who attends Prep (Class of 2027), and Grayer, who attends Mater Dei.

What does Black History Month mean to you?
Black History Month provides not only the opportunity to reflect on the African-American leaders who were so instrumental in advancing the black race…the Martin Luther Kings, Harriet Tubmans, Thurgood Marshalls, but also reminds me to take time to acknowledge those African Americans who have more recently made great strides in their respective fields…the Colin Powells, Ken Chenaults, Barack Obamas. I also see the month as an opportunity to remember my own forefathers who overcame so much to give me the opportunities that I have had. While my father went on to become a physician, his family suffered a severe setback when the family-owned department store was destroyed in the Tulsa, Oklahoma riots. I marvel at how the family was able to regroup, pivot, and succeed in the fields of medicine and education after such tragedy. Celebrating Black History Month reminds me to dig deeper to understand and celebrate the past, which helps bring clarity to where I want to go in the future.

What did your time at Georgetown Prep mean to you?
When I arrived at Prep, I only knew two classmates, but I immediately noticed the sense of family and camaraderie that existed. I felt a brotherhood that still exists over 35 years later. Prep had a profound impact on me spiritually, academically and athletically. At Prep I found a rigorous academic curriculum that prepared me well for my undergraduate years at Penn. I was fortunate to have phenomenal, dedicated teachers like Dr. Ochs, Mr. Wisecarver, and Mr. Conlan. The Interstate Athletic Conference (IAC) provided strong athletic competition for basketball and fostered friendships even at rival schools like St. Albans and Sidwell Friends. Finally, being taught by the Jesuits (Fr. Galvin, Fr. Bradley, Fr. Elliott to name a few) and participating in campus ministry served to strengthen my faith. I am forever grateful for the education I received and the friendships I developed during my four years at Georgetown Prep.

Bobby and Marley Elliott

Bobby '88 and Marley Elliott '27