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Star Singing
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The German Class played out the popular tradition of "Star singing"/ "Sternsingen" in German, on January 6. On the day of Epiphany (1/6), children and teenagers in communities dress up as the three kings and one takes on the role of the star carrier. This group of four children would then go from house to house in the village: up front the star holder, followed by the three kings. The Star singers receive money in every house and this money is the biggest fundraising of the Catholic church every year. The Church raises the money for a special cause--this year's theme was: "Kinder stärken, Kinder schützen - in Indonesien und weltweit", "Strengthen and protect children in Indonesia and world wide."  German teacher Frau McGinn finds this tradition very important and has one class bring the tradition to campus every year with the boys dressing up and visiting classrooms and rooms of the administration. 

Star singing