Profile of a Prep Graduate

Georgetown Prep Commencement 2016The Profile of a Prep Graduate is a model and framework for each student to consider, aspire to, and reflect upon. Prep graduates are encouraged to integrate knowledge and religious beliefs in order to develop a mature and active faith, a deep respect for truth, high standards of personal integrity, and genuine concern for others.

The concept of the "Graduate at Graduation" is unique to the Jesuit mission of education and is embraced by the entire network of Jesuit schools in the United States. Visit the JSN (Jesuit Schools Network) website for more information.

The following is a summary of these characteristics.

Prep’s mission is to form graduates who are:

Open to Growth

Taking responsibility for his future, growing in self-knowledge and self-control. He is more open to different points of views and new experiences.

Intellectually Competent

Thinking critically and growing in curiosity to explore ideas and issues.


Communicating personally with God through prayer, both private and liturgical.


Trusting the love of God, family and friends and putting love into action.

Committed to Justice

Being aware of the need for social change and learning ways to advocate for the less fortunate.